With our breeding facilities of more than 30’000 liters, we are one of the largest suppliers of corals in Switzerland.

We offer a permanent full range of all types of corals at fair prices. Our large supply of offspring is a contribution to more sustainability.


We only sell healthy, feed and live animals. Our licensed zookeepers take care of their well being every day. We stand for quality and professional advice, taking into account the composition of each aquarium.


Invertebrates are an indispensable part of any ecosystem. They perform useful tasks and can be used as a problem solver against algae, food residues or parasites. We are happy to advise you for a suitable stocking for your aquarium system.


SRR Supplements

SRR supplements We are manufacturers of seawater salts, trace elements, absorption media, aquariums and technology for seawater aquarium. All our products are in use and tested in our coral farm.



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